Sunday, July 31, 2005

THE KING COUNTRY..1995 Posted by Picasa
My son who I love very much- Marlin Posted by Picasa
KOWHAI TALISMAN..2005 Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Life of an Artist

Life of an ArtistFOR FURTHER SEE or IKSRobertson on
Kotuku 2 /2005 Posted by Picasa
KOTUKU Posted by Picasa
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NIKAU Posted by Picasa
Plant 2005 Posted by Picasa

Life of an Artist

Life of an Artist..Today is my birthday..have got up lit the fire at 5am this morning..dont feel too bad-ruled out suicide..took my heart pills and a few painkillers..yup 48 years old and totally unfit and in pain..gosh who the hell thought I would last this long..the guy that used to sit on his motorcycle backwards screaming down the auckland motorway at over 100 mph..geeeez

The Emergence

I fell..or rather popped outa my mother,writhing and kicking my wee way into the King Country,central New Zealand 1957..the year the Chevs looked really cool...30th or the 31st of July we never really found out the real day...Ohura,Taumaranui,Whaihi Beach,Reporoa,Rotorua,Ngakuru,Ohakune,Eltham,Stratford,were some of my early towns of residence..if we stayed long enough to call it that..shit being the new boy all the time but honed my (impress) skills...Eeling,fishing,hunting biking,Electronics,fishing,shooting,tramping,swimming boating,rock collecting and polishing,were early pursuits..kept trying to draw and paint but failed art at school over and over..austiomylitis in my left hand and rhuematic fever kept me in hospitals for ages..then my loopy mother comitted me to mental institutions quite young..saying sometimes I didnt seem to be there during conversation...

Friday, July 29, 2005

Frank Sargeson (nzwriter)2005 Posted by Picasa
WAIKAHA 2003 Posted by Picasa
SEA RAPE 2003 Posted by Picasa
mixed media on canvas...the neurology doors Posted by Picasa
just contemplating... Posted by Picasa

The life of an Artist

Today after contemplating and my situation,I decided to come out via Blogsville and reach out..stead of spending so much of my life inverted..cept for my work on canvas...

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