Monday, April 03, 2006

Paulette Shepherd

Paulette Shepherd was born in Dunedin and is now residing in the Far North. She has been painting and exhibiting for 30 years. Paulette has worked with a variety of mediums, proving herself highly competent in their use and in her ability to portray a wide variety of subject matter in a highly professional manner. Now painting full time, Paulette is continually inspired by New Zealand’s unique landscapes, coast and wildlife. She hopes her works will enable a fresh appreciation of New Zealand’s unique environment.
Education: Hons Diploma - TLC - Wellington I have had a long association with this gorgeous lady what a lovely person and artist and have met her in person...IKSR

Finela Moore

Although Finela's work is varied in style and subject, it is always recognisable by it's unique characteristics. These include: Her enjoyment of textures and willingness to experiment with a mix of media: A devotion to "the essential paradox of life and everything", with a careful balance of chaos and order, design and happenstance; A lustrous, rich and meticulous finish, weather the work is a simple drawing, a traditional oil or acrylic, or even a constellation including driftwood or shaped metal . She likes to make artistic statements that are bold and accessable, yet subtle and understated. She imbues simple subjects with a life and vitality all of their own, each piece of work reflecting her own personal mission statement and devotion to the arts

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