Monday, April 03, 2006

Paulette Shepherd

Paulette Shepherd was born in Dunedin and is now residing in the Far North. She has been painting and exhibiting for 30 years. Paulette has worked with a variety of mediums, proving herself highly competent in their use and in her ability to portray a wide variety of subject matter in a highly professional manner. Now painting full time, Paulette is continually inspired by New Zealand’s unique landscapes, coast and wildlife. She hopes her works will enable a fresh appreciation of New Zealand’s unique environment.
Education: Hons Diploma - TLC - Wellington I have had a long association with this gorgeous lady what a lovely person and artist and have met her in person...IKSR

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ian,

That's the beauty of this worldwide thing.Before you know it your in somebody else's world. Seeing how he or she is doing. Thanks for your comment.
I surfed round your Art-Blog; I am always happy to see arts.
Greetings from Holland.


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